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Just Fruits and Exotics

Mail Order Season begins in mid October 2014. Taking orders now!

For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

Sorry, but due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship plants to California or outside the continental United States. Also we cannot ship citrus outside of Florida.

Please feel free to check out our reputation on Dave's Garden Watchdog by clicking here. Dave's Garden also has detailed plant information in their plant files (click here), so you might want to check out what other gardeners think about the varieties you're interested in.

Before placing your order, please read our guarantee and privacy policies. You can call, fax us at the number below, or if you like, mail or email Justfruits@hotmail.com your order. We prefer that you call us, so that we can help you make the best selections for your climate, recommend substitutions and calculate your shipping charges. Your order will be held with a credit card number, but you will not be charged until the order is reconfirmed approximately three weeks before shipping. We can accept credit card information by FAX, phone or snail mail. Please, please DO NOT send us your credit card information in an email as it's not secure. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice, but we will guarantee your charges when you place your order.

  • WHAT DO I WANT?: Decide on what you would like to order. You may wish to use the printable worksheet below to organize your order.

    CLICK HERE for a printable Ordering Worksheet. You can print it and fill it out prior to calling, as it will provide us with needed information and serve as a copy of your order.


    Packing charges are $15.00/box. A box can normally hold up to 2-4 3-gallon size plants or more 1-gallon size plants. For 1 item the boxing fee is $10.00.


    Shipping is the UPS charge, and we do not make money on the shipping. We enclose a copy of the UPS bill with your invoice. We ship UPS ground, unless you ask for a different carrier. If we are shipping "time sensitive" material, we suggest 3rd day select or 2nd day air. Our shipping season is approximately October through February.


    Sales tax is due for all Florida purchases.


    We accept check, money order, Visa, Discover or Mastercard.

    Sorry, but due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship plants to California or outside the continental United States. Also we cannot ship citrus outside of Florida.

    We take great pride in our mail order business and always ship the same trees that you could buy at our retail nursery. However, we strongly encourage you to come visit us at our retail nursery to make your selections. You save yourself the shipping and handling charges and avoid possible damage from the mail order process. You also get to pick your own trees and we'll teach you to prune them in person. You'll also save money another way. Mail order costs us much more than selling retail (imagine phone bills, labor, billing and inventory costs), so our mail order plants cost more. And when you add shipping, your total will come to 25-50% more than the exact same plant from the retail nursery. Besides, we'd like to meet our customers and make sure they're happy with their plants-- and we suspect you'll love the collections of rare and unusual ornamental plants we sell (but haven't yet had time to post on the web).

    Our Guarantee

    All plants are guaranteed for 1 year from the ship date. It is our highest aim to make you a happy customer. You are what has kept us in business for more than 30 years! If you feel you've received a bad plant, we want to be the first to know about it. All of our plants are guaranteed to be true to name. If for some reason you wind up with the wrong plant, we'll replace it with the right plant. If we can't, we will refund the money you paid for the plant.

    We really work hard to send you the best possible plant. If the plant is in questionable health, we'll not ship it and refund your money. However, despite all of our best efforts you will occasionally receive a bad plant. That's what the guarantee is for.

    Some of the things that are NOT guaranteed are: plants that die due to freezes, flooding or other acts of Mother Nature. Plus, it doesn't include plant abuse, plants that die from lack of water, fertilizer, beating with chains or being threatened with a chainsaw.


    Our motto is," Better gardening through fear of ignorance." If you have a sick plant, we encourage you to call us. We are great at diagnosing plant problems over the phone. We enjoy teaching you how to grow a better plant.

    We send packets of information with each order to help you grow better trees. If you're having trouble with a tree, call us before it gets too severe. We'll help you diagnose the problem and offer some solutions for getting it on the road to better health. Should you misplace the fact sheets we send you, our information sheets are available day and night as PDFs (just click on the How To Grow page).


    In some cases, let's just face it -- size matters! I've got a real gripe about most mail order nurseries and the size of plants they send you. Through the years of growing and selling mail order plants I've had more than a few people tell me about their experiences of paying top dollar for a plant only to receive a small rooted cutting that just isn't ready to be planted into the open ground.

    We want you to know we don't sell no ugly little itty bitty plants. What we grow and ship to you are the same plants you would find in a quality retail nursery. Yes, they are big and they do cost you something to ship (about 35% of your order). But in the long run, you will have a strong plant that will give you less trouble.

    All of our plants are container-grown. This ensures a disease-free root system, while practically eliminating transplant shock. The fruit trees are in 3-gallon pots, and range from two to five feet tall. The berries are in 1 or 2 gallon pots and are one to two feet in height. Please inquire about larger sizes, multigrafted citrus and varieties (or even species) that aren't mentioned in the catalog. We tend to spend a lot more time finding, trialing, testing and tasting than we spend updating this list.


    Packing the plant Plants ready to be boxed Packing plant in the box Labeling and Taping box Boxes

    Lots and lots of Boxes! Boxes ready for shipping Here is our UPS driver! Checking in the boxes

    Boxes in the van Boxes leaving Just Fruits Fruit trees on the way to their new home Bye!

    Before shipping, your trees are removed from their containers, root balls are loosened, and they are repacked in a shipping bag. The tops are cut back to their required 1st year's form.

    When your trees arrive, please remove them from their boxes as soon as possible. Punch holes in the bags and place the bags in the shade. Water AFTER you've punched drainage holes in the bags. Plant them within two weeks following the instructions provided with your plant. Stand back and watch them grow!


    Are you tired of receiving too much junk mail? So are we! We want you to know that we don't sell or trade our mailing list and email addresses.

    We recycle, and you can, too! We create and pack our boxes tight to reduce the amount of cardboard used and we recycle boxes when we can so that the cardboard doesn't end up in our local landfill. So do your part, and recycle the cardboard and paper your plants come in. They are great for mulching around your plants to help keep down the weeds!

    Never Grown Fruit Before?

    Don't panic! We send packets of detailed "Just the Facts" information on each fruit that you order or you can press the PANIC BUTTON to DOWNLOAD the instructions.

    And, hey, you can always call us. I once talked a lady on the portable phone through pruning her peaches . I don't advise this normally, as she worried me to death perched on the ladder with phone in one hand and pruners in the other, but we are always glad to help you over the phone.

    Just give us a call at 1-850-926-5644. You can also email us at Justfruits@hotmail.com with your detailed questions and pictures.

    PHONE: 1-850-926-5644
    FAX: 1-850-926-9885

    Just Fruits and Exotics
    30 Saint Frances St.
    Crawfordville, Florida 32327

  • Copyright 2014 - Just Fruits and Exotics